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Author: TG2K Read 109 words in 00:24 seconds. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit TG2K KASI HUSTLERS AND PAD DRIVE 23rd August 2022, we caught up with the students at WestCol Randfontein Campus. Meet-Upwith students - September, 2022 23rd August 2022, we caught up with the students at WestCol Randfontein Campus. With 7 campuses across the region and
We are overburdened and exhausted, which is why it’s important to do things for yourself that aren’t work related
Did You Know? Interesting Facts Did you know that June 9th is National Sex Day? Dedicated to the pleasure sex can bring, this date was chosen based on the numerical date 6/9(June 9th) which is an infamous sex position. Sex can be used as a stress reliever, conception, exploring our bodies, work and
TG2K Giveaways We recently ran a competition, where everyone shared their amazing stories. We are humbled by the feedback and participation we received from our TG2K readers and followers. Choosing a few winner was rather a difficult task, as we went through each story and finally found our winners. Lebohang won
Author: Hloni Phatudi Read 358 words in 01:18 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Why is there still mental illness stigma in black communities? Stigma, perceptions of weakness and belief systems still prevent people from getting help for mental illnesses. It’s best to treat it like any other illness and to seek help Out with mental
Author: Staff Writer Date: 09 December 2021 Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Facebook Live Celebration TG2K recently hit a mark of 1000 followers on Facebook and to celebrate, we partnered with our favorite TG2K vlogger, Tv Presenter and radio host Thabile “TTO” Masuku We hosted a live session and had a couple of winners who got themselves cash vouchers,
Are you a writer, a photographer, a voice-over artist, or an all-round content creator? Then we are definitely looking for someone like you. Submit your content on the TsebaGet2Know (tg2k) website.
We’re not stagnant as humans, but we’re also not socialized very well. We grow up mimicking how our parents and relatives interact with other people- like, it’s not weird to hear your mom or aunt greet an old friend by saying, “Oh hi, Pinkie! Look at you- you’ve gotten so fat!”
Author: Abile Lereko Read 422 words in 01:32 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Credit is important but complicated The use of credit can be a tricky balancing act because you want a healthy credit score and to avoid being overly indebted. Here’s how you do it Importance of learning and usage of credit cardIf you’ve
Author: Abile Lereko Read 424 words in 01:32 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Another year of ‘angry’ women When women put themselves first, they are often considered as angry, selfish or unreasonable even if they’ve met their social obligations to work, husbands and children Anger-ness is a feeling that a woman also feels. Respect women!Being
Author: Monti Montsha Read 369 words in 01:20 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Debt Consolidation does not eliminate money problems While unemployment rises, many of those who have kept their jobs are barely making ends meet as goods increase but salaries remain stagnant. This may result in overwhelming debt that requires intervention via debt consolidation Debt
The visibility of the LGBTQ+ community should be led by queer people. It’s important to move away from representation which is colourful and sassy and start being more nuanced
The sexuality spectrum is so wide and varied that people often need time and experience to figure themselves out. Here’s the journey of a young and queer person
ot all debt is bad but some of it can be devastating. There are also scams that land borrowers in trouble, so here’s how you can navigate the complicated world of debt and loans
Author: Thabile Masuku Read 534 words in 01:56 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit 6 easy ways to stretch your money Prices are increasing but as a student, your money isn’t. It’s time to make some adjustments, without sacrificing the fun. Here are ways to cut out some of those escalating costs With the increase in the
Author: Thabile Masuku Read 440 words in 01:36 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit GBV is a human rights crisis The rights of South African women are being violated at shocking rates and little is being done to change the scourge. Perhaps men need to be more proactive in dismantling patriarchy and ending gender-based violence South
Author: Mpho Theko Read 201 words in 01:07 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit The future looks brighter with solar panels Renewable energy offers an alternative in a country where the electricity supply has proven to be unreliable for several years Khosa with his employeesThe growth of the renewable energy industry in South
Author: Mpho Theko Read 389 words in 01:25 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Does the significances of public holidays matter to the youth? It is evident that on public holidays with historic importance, many young people place emphasis on braaing and drinking. Whose role is it to remind us to acknowledge those who sacrificed for us to
There are a lot of studies that have noticed some interesting trend among – less and less of us are dating. As someone who’s had their fair share of failed relationships, I get why someone might opt out of romance and end the search for ‘the one.’
The new academic year comes with so much pressure. The first may be from the families we spent our holidays with expecting high marks. The other is from social media and the expectation of having everything figured out in line with the calendar.
TG2Kers! Do you know that the official unemployment rate was 34,9% in the third quarter of 2021? As we break this number down, at least 9.1 million young people aged between 15-34 are unemployed. In this statistic, we have graduates who have obtained a qualification at a higher education institute but
It is always a fantastic idea to incorporate self-care into your daily, weekly and monthly timetable. Your mind and heart are the sources that keeps you going and able to do the things you do daily. How do you expect to do all life’s tasks at your optimum if you
Goals are attainable but we need to be mindful about comparing ourselves to social media, creating unrealistic timelines and being harsh to ourselves
Author: Unathi Shologu Read 419 words in 01:31 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit How do you tell your parents you’re changing your qualification? The financial and social implications of pursuing a new course may put a strain on your relationships. This is how you can go about having this tough conversation with your parents. Telling
Author: Hloni Phathudi Read 339 words in 01:14 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit How you can make beauty work for you A career in cosmetology can be lucrative, especially if your side-hustle game is strong To give you a glimpse into the world of beauty, the articulate, positive and confident Lerato Ngwenya chats about her
Author: Monti Montsha Read 354 words in 01:17 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Passions can be fulfilling even without money Clothing brand First Things First was created to inspire and uplift. The creator does not spare any expenses in ensuring value is not compromised First Thing FirstMeet Simon Mdaka from Matlala Vlakfontein in Polokwane, a
Author: Mpho Theko Read 379 words in 01:23 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Building a future Conventional schooling can be challenging for those who aren’t inclined to studying books. TVET colleges offer alternatives in the way of learning via practical studies Bhongo Bhutelezi is an 18-year-old who is doing his second year in civil engineering and
Author: Mpho Theko Read 351 words in 01:17 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Taking necessary risks leads to huge rewards When her career was negatively affected by the pandemic, Nokwazi made the brave decision to start her own business and it’s paying off in a big way. She’s also teaching others how to
Author: Mpho Theko Read 396 words in 01:26 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit From YouTube skits to famed music producer Music producer Dali Danger has proven that digital media is diverse and limitless when it comes to career prospects. If you are consistent about the work, then it will pay off A music producer brings
Identifying, accepting and finding help for your mental illness is vital, as well as remembering that what makes others happy might not necessarily be the case with you
Author:Monti Montsha Read 649 words in 03:14 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit The benefits of social media marketing for businesses With the physical limitations of the pandemic, many businesses have left traditional marketing and are doing a bulk of their marketing online. An expert shares the advantages of social media marketing Social media practitioner Michael Phago explains social
Author: Monti Montsha Read 649 words in 03:14 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit A social entrepreneur’s quest for rural connectivity Rural and informal settlements tend to struggle with connectivity. However, Given has proven that it’s possible to have flourishing internet-based business under challenging conditions Given Maboela’s Flex Internet Cafe in Stoffel Park, an informal settlement in Mamelodi, east
Author: Monti Montsha Read 649 words in 03:14 minutes. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Reddit Are business plans still relevant? There might not be a prescribed formula to getting your business started, especially if it depends on social media traffic When starting a business, it’s important to plan but flop e-one is that the content in the business plans has
The person you will choose to be your mentor will give you access to the industry you’re in. They will encourage and teach you skills that will help you professionally. Here are some important things to consider when opting to work with a mentor
Remote work has kept the doors of many businesses still open during the Covid-19 pandemic, with some companies considering making working from home (WFH) permanent for some roles.
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) play a very important role in society by picking up the government’s deficits in services and providing social protection for citizens via the philanthropy of donors and the socially aware; they are non-profit organizations that operate independently of any government.
Many industries were negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, with some forced to permanently close their doors. However, other industries didn’t get as hard hit by the pandemic – proving to be not only essential but irreplaceable in the modern world.
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